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Best Home Construction Client Satisfaction Questionnaire

Dear client,

We are pleased to have your time to complete this client satisfaction survey to improve our services in order to meet your expectations. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know.

BestHome PLUS Client Satisfaction Questionnaire

  1. Perfect (5)Satisfactory (4)Neutral (3)Unsatisfactory (2)Very Bad (1)
  2. Other (pls. specify):
  3. Perfect (5)Satisfactory (4)Neutral (3)Unsatisfactory (2)Very Bad (1)
  4. Other (pls. specify):
  5. Perfect (5)Satisfactory (4)Neutral (3)Unsatisfactory (2)Very Bad (1)
  6. Other (pls. specify):
  7. Perfect (5)Satisfactory (4)Neutral (3)Unsatisfactory (2)Very Bad (1)
  8. Other (pls. specify):
  9. Perfect (5)Satisfactory (4)Neutral (3)Unsatisfactory (2)Very Bad (1)
  10. Other (pls. specify):
  11. Perfect (5)Satisfactory (4)Neutral (3)Unsatisfactory (2)Very Bad (1)
  12. Other (pls. specify):
  13. Perfect (5)Satisfactory (4)Neutral (3)Unsatisfactory (2)Very Bad (1)
  14. Other (pls. specify):
  15. Perfect (5)Satisfactory (4)Neutral (3)Unsatisfactory (2)Very Bad (1)
  16. Other (pls. specify):